How to subscribe to Wattpad Premium

Published 25/01/2022 16:08 | Tutorials | comments

With over 90 million readers worldwide, Wattpad has become one of the biggest story sharing platforms today. Despite having a free version, the Wattpad Premium It provides some additional benefits for readers like unlimited access to content and removal of ads.

Therefore, to help those who want to try the paid version of the service, we bring you a complete tutorial on how to subscribe. Check it out below:

1. Download the app

(WorldTech/Playback)(WorldTech/Playback)Source: TechWorld

If you have not yet downloaded Wattpad on your device, this is the first step to take, as it is not yet possible to subscribe through the browser. Click on the name of your device’s operating system below to be redirected to the app store.

2. Sign up or log in to the platform

(WorldTech/Playback)(WorldTech/Playback)Source: TechWorld

Once the app is downloaded to your device, it’s time to log in to the platform. So click “Login” and enter your information such as “email” and “password”. If this is your first visit to Wattpad, select “Sign up for free” and fill out the form provided.

3. Subscribe to Wattpad Premium

(WorldTech/Playback)(WorldTech/Playback)Source: TechWorld

On your account home page, click “Premium trial“, choose the plan you want to subscribe to (1 month, 6 months or 1 year) and then select “start my free trial”. You will be automatically migrated to the paid plan of the platform, where you can try the new features for 7 days for free.

At the end of this period, the amount of the subscription will be charged to your card, as well as the recurring fees according to the contracted plan.

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