How to Save Spotify Music to MP3

Published 12/08/2021 8:56 | Tutorials | comments

Spotify is one of the largest audio streaming platforms in the world. In it you can listen to songs and podcasts, identify your favorite artists and even save songs from Spotify to MP3. In other words, a complete service.

Founded in 2006 by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon, in Stockholm, Sweden, the platform quickly became famous for having an affordable price and being compatible with different cell phones without users having much difficulty using it.

And despite having a large collection of songs available, some users are keen to listen to songs outside of the standard Spotify format.

Whether it’s inserting music into a presentation, using it in videos, or even downloading tracks without using a paid subscription, there are ways to convert Spotify music to MP3or directly download Spotify playlists to MP3 file.

Check out how to save Spotify music to MP3 in an easy and fast way!

All about Spotify

Spotify is a platform for listening to music, podcasts, and audiobooks that has grown in popularity and importance in recent years. Aside from adding songs and tagging them with the correct artists, Spotify does a great job of creating playlists.

These playlists are a true thermometer of what’s hot in a place. For example, the playlist “The 50 most played in Brazil” became a parameter of songs that go viral and do not leave the screens of listeners.

(Source: TechBreak)

Access to podcasts is also a highlight of Spotify as it allows the user to easily follow their episodes. There are many podcasts that have become viral on Spotify, with the most varied genres available for all tastes.

Another feature that made the app famous was the release of “Spotify Wrapped” every year. The app offers a complete retrospective, analyzing the songs, the artists, the genre and the number of times the most listened to song was played.

The retrospective has become a great sensation among users and artists of the platform, being one of the most commented topics on Twitter year after year.

Spotify audio format

The functionality of Spotify depends on some technical factors. In the audio format, the platform uses OGG Vorbis for mobile and desktop modes, while the web player version of the app uses the AAC format.

The OGG Vorbis is a music file template made to replace the MP3, one of the first forms of audio compression, created in 1993 by the Fraunhofer Institute or ISS. In 1998, MP3 began to be loaded into equipment and tools that used this encoder.

With OGG, it is possible to encode and decode any audio file, without the need for a patent like MP3. Comparing both, OGG Vorbis can compress your files into smaller sizes, increasing the level of audio quality.

The AAC format for the web player version of Spotify was also developed to overcome the difficulties of the MP3 format. Acronym for Advanced Audio Coding, in Portuguese, this audio compression model also allows you to reduce your files and maintain a higher quality in the audio output, with less incidence of noise.

How to Convert Spotify to MP3 on PC and Mac with UniConverter

If you want to convert Spotify music to MP3, or directly download Spotify to MP3 format, Wondershare UniConverter software is one of the ideal tools.

The program allows the tracks selected in Spotify to be modified to the MP3 model and transferred directly to your PC or Mac. The process is done in simple steps, accessible to any user.

THE UniConverter is an application specialized in converting videos and audios. This tool is capable of converting, editing, recording videos and audios with immense quality in a few minutes. Thus, it is also possible to convert OGG Vorbis or AAC files to MP3 without complications.

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To start converting Spotify music to MP3, simply download the version of the program compatible with your device, choosing from the options for PC or Mac.

After downloading UniConverter, open the Spotify tab via web player or desktop app and choose the track or playlist to be converted and downloaded. After choosing the song, start playing it and open the start menu of UniConverter.

In the program menu, there are two possibilities. The first is to use the “Downloader” option and convert the tracks through the URL and the second is to use the recording mode, “Screen Recorder”.

1. Downloader

When choosing Downloader, the user just needs to select “Download MP3” in the preferences and paste the song link in the indicated place. UniConverter will automatically convert tracks, transferring downloaded songs to a specific tab.

When you finish each download, your music will be saved to your computer and can be played anywhere.

2. Screen recorder

Clicking on the Screen Recorder option will activate a new recording tab. This tab can be fully customized by the user, that is, you can select the entire computer screen to record, or customize it the way you want through the cursor.

After customizing the recording, click “REC” to start recording the track or playlist. When you want to pause or end the recording, just click “Stop” or “Stop” on the top left corner of the screen. To pause, you can also click the option next to “Stop”. In addition to these options, you can check the duration of each recording.

Ready! After recording, your track will be saved on your PC or Mac. In this way, you can easily transfer your Spotify music to MP3.

What you can do after conversion with UniConverter

Once you are done converting Spotify songs or playlists to MP3, there are numerous possibilities to use UniConverter.

As a complete file conversion tool, this app also offers specific options for those who want to create their own videos, social media content or for those who want a video editing tool.

All these options have preferences for each type of user, with several manuals, tutorials and guides on how to save videos to MP3how to create gifs from videos and images, how to merge multiple videos or playlists into one file, and even how to turn videos into virtual reality.

Therefore, a track obtained from Spotify to MP3 can be used in all the features provided by Wondershare software. For example, the user can choose to use it when creating and editing a video for social media, and can even include subtitles, which can be placed or automatically converted from text (TXT) to SRT file.

Tips to Convert Spotify to MP3

There are other ways to convert Spotify song to MP3 file. In addition to the use of audio and video conversion and compression applications, there are also some tips and tricks for users of the platform.

If you use Chrome as your default browser, there is a proprietary extension that allows you to download music directly from Spotify web player to MP3 files. Just go to the Chrome Web Store, search for “Spotify Converter” and add it to your browser.

With the extension enabled, log in to your Spotify account normally. When you log in to your account and choose the song to download, a “download” button will appear next to each track. From there, the user just needs to choose the songs they want to download and select where they want to save the MP3 file on their computer.

Another option is to search for a Spotify converter online. In these online conversion programs, simply copy the URL of the desired track and place it in the indicated location on the website to convert the file. Besides MP3, you can convert to MP4, AVI, FLAC or other formats.

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And now that you have reviewed some of the methods to convert and download Spotify music to MP3 format, be sure to give it a try!

The ideal is always to look for advice and application guides that do not bring unnecessary difficulties at the time of conversion. After all, when it comes to listening to music, we always look for the media players that best suit our needs.