How to combine two or more PDF files into one file

Published 16/07/2021 22:16 | Tutorials | comments

THE Portable Document Format (PDF) basically consists of a file format which is very useful for countless occasions. Present in academic life, in everyday school life, as well as in companies and businesses, these documents are essential for sharing jobs, projects and even restaurant menus.

A PDF can be functional and still ensure that all information previously edited in other native software is present in the final file, without changes occurring so easily. But what happens when we need to save different PDF files into one? Next, we illustrate the step by step of how to do it without major complications, check it out!

1. Access the Tiny Wow website

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There are various websites on the web that can accomplish this task. We recommend the tinywowIn addition to being free, it also has other tools to edit PDF files.

2. Upload the files

After accessing the recommended site, you need to click (or tap, if you are using a mobile device) on the dedicated button to upload the files.

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Remember that only PDF files can be used in this step. Choose two or more documents and wait for their upload to the website to complete.

After uploading, if you still need to upload more files, just click “Add Files” and choose other PDF files.

3. Combine PDF files

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However, if the previously chosen and uploaded files are enough, you need to click the “Merge” button.

The site will ask you to click a checkbox to prevent spam and make sure you are not a robot. Once this is done, your project will load until the merging of the files is complete. Ready! Now just download the new file and rename it in the Downloads folder, if you like.

Defining file order

During the process of merging PDF files, you can also set the order in which they will appear. This is especially useful when it is necessary to organize numerous documents in one, as in the processes of university registration or hiring companies, for example.

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To do this, when uploading documents in Tiny Wow, all you have to do is click on them with the left mouse button and drag them according to the order of preference. If necessary, use the magnifying glasses, located in the upper right corner, to increase the proportion of files and more easily identify what each one is about.

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