WhatsApp could launch a subscription plan for Business accounts

Published 24/03/2022 7:58 | Blog | comments

WhatsApp messenger is working on a monthly subscription plan for account holders WhatsApp deal Who wants more features in the app to manage contact with the client and the provision of the service.

according to website WABetaInfothe subscription version will be optional and valid only for corporate and commercial accounts, without affecting conventional users or removing features that are already normally available.

The comparison made by the original report is with Twitter Blue. The “plus” version of the bluebird social network offers a few benefits that extend the experience for paying members, including the new edit post button.

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The first novelty of the paid mode will be the possibility of adding up to 10 devices in the multi-device login function – for now, it is only possible to connect four at a time. Evidence of this feature appeared in the app’s “Connected Devices” screen redesign.

The Business Connected Devices screen is a prelude to the new paid plan.The Business Connected Devices screen is a prelude to the new paid plan.Source: WABetaInfo

Recently, the Business version of the messenger has gained another novelty: the possibility of using cover photos in profiles.

No other details were obtained and, as of yet, WhatsApp has not made an official statement on the case. There is no information about the price or the arrival of the plan for Android, iOS, PC and web version.