WhatsApp allows calls of up to 32 participants

Published 05/01/2022 5:06 | Blog | comments

Last week, WhatsApp announced new features will come to the app coming soon and, luckily, one of them is already available for users of the iOS. This Thursday (12), the WhatsApp launched a new feature that allows you to make voice calls with up to 32 participants.

The novelty was found in version 22.8.80 of Apple’s mobile update and consequently the call view layout has been updated to show multiple contacts in one call. Also, an audio waveform has been added to show who is chatting and make it easier to see.

The new layout will display all 32 participants in the conversation.Source: WhatsApp

group calls

The new design also innovated voice message bubbles in regular and group conversations, as well as a new interface on a contact or group’s information page.

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For now, the novelty is only available for users with iOS version 22.8.80, however, it should soon be available for Android as well. In any case, some of the promised updates still need to be released in the last week. One of them must present communities to WhatsApp, but only after the 2022 elections, which drew criticism from President Jair Bolsonaro. The measure, however, aims to reduce the spread of false news during the electoral period.