The 7 best password managers for your mobile

Published 24/08/2021 10:23 | Blog | comments

More and more services are migrating their operations to digital platforms and superapps, making the use of strong passwords essential. To avoid making a mistake in the combination and being blocked from the service, it is interesting to use a password managers.

Although practically all these applications offer almost the same functions, there are some differences, and Tecmundo has prepared this list to help you choose which manager best suits each profile (and pocket) of each user.

Requirements for a good password manager

In addition to data encryption, password managers it can offer cool extra features, and while they seem simple, some are practically essential, like a master password, autofill, and one-touch password copying.

Most of these services offer free plans, but subscriptions are recommended, especially for those who handle sensitive data such as broker keys, passwords for many banks and digital wallets.

Microsoft Authenticator — Free

Users of Microsoft services like Windows and Office 365 probably already have MS Authenticator installed for multi-factor verification, but MS recently added password management functionality.

Although it is not recommended to leave passwords saved in browsers, if the user already has them, they can be easily imported and the data in the Microsoft account is automatically synchronized.

Microsoft Authenticator works as a password manager since 2020, including autofill on websitesSource: Microsoft

THE manager It allows you to copy username and password with a single touch and unlock by biometrics, but, as it does not have a master password, it is not recommended for sensitive data. However, it serves well those who just need to remember the password for the streams they subscribe to.

last pass

THE last pass It has a monthly family subscription of R$18.80 (US$4), but one of its highlights is that the free version offers more important features than some competitors.

THE application All plans include a password generator, cross-platform access, autofill, two-step authentication, and storage of card and payment information.

The paid version also comes with dark web monitoring, which warns if any of your passwords have eventually been leaked, 1GB of encrypted cloud storage, and up to six individual password vaults on the family plan.


THE guardian it was launched in 2016, being relatively new and also offers a free plan, but simpler. However, the personal subscription costs only R$47 (US$10) per year and still offers encrypted file sharing.

The software is open source and uses the AES-256 encryption standard, which is more secure than most free managers. Also, Bitwarden allows you to sync your passwords across more than one device.


THE Dashlane free has synchronization with only one device, registration limit of up to 50 passwords and automatic password generator. However, it really stands out for its Premium version in the family plan, at R$28 (US$6) per month.

Dashlane identifies when your password was compromised and which program was responsible for the breachSource: Dashlane

In addition to offering 6 individual accounts, it features a dark web monitor with a leak alert and a built-in VPN. Another advantage is that it has extensions for PC browsers, and you can even use your VPN on these devices.


Developed by the same company as TunnelBear VPN, the RememberBear focuses on being simple and easy to use. It guarantees the fundamentals of protection of a password manager with an intuitive interface, without the need to know complex security terms.

RememBear does not limit the functions in the free version, but only syncs with one deviceSource: RememberBear


The subscription costs R$28 (US$6) per month, a bit expensive for an individual-only plan, but the free version offers all the features, limited to syncing with a single device.

1 Password

THE 1 Password has possibly one of the most interesting family plans on this list. In addition to costing R$24 (US$5) a month, it allows you to rescue blocked family accounts and limit what information each member can see.

1Password does not have a free version, but the family plan has interesting featuresSource: 1 Password

Unfortunately, it does not have a free version, the individual plan costs R$12 per month and offers practically the same functions as the others. managers. All plans are billed annually in a single installment.

A wallet

THE A wallet There is no PC version, only Android and iOS smartphones. Although its free version is not complete, it does not have a monthly subscription and can be purchased in a single payment of R$ 33 in the Play Store and R$ 39 in the App Store.

aWallet has a dark mode and a custom password generatorSource: google play store

Unlock by biometrics and the function of importing data by CSV (comma separated values) file are only available in the PRO version, which also has a customizable password generator, where you can define the length and parameters of the password.

Advantages of using a password manager

Even the passwords of users with good data security practices are likely to be leaked. most of Applications free they just work as a tool so you don’t have to change your passwords every month because you don’t remember them.

However, with the digitization of the economy, more than strong passwords, having a good manager With constant monitoring of possible leaks, it is important mainly to avoid scams that can cost much more than the monthly fee for these services.