Tensorbook: Meet Razer’s Powerful Linux Laptop

Published 09/11/2021 22:26 | Blog | comments

Razer announced a rather unusual new laptop this month, considering its niche. Sophisticated, the model was baptized as “tensorbookand is the result of a partnership with the company lambda, being specially developed for scientific purposes. Another curiosity is that the launch has the Linux operating systemtaking some pre-installed professional software, like PyTorch, cuDNN, Jupyter and TensorFlow.

When it comes to technical specifications, the Tensorbook doesn’t skimp. Without variations, all models are equipped with the processor Intel Core i7-11800Hone Dedicated RTX 3080 GPU Nvidia’s Max-Q and 2TB of internal SSD storage combined with 64 GB of RAM. The visual presentation is on account of the 15.6″ screen in WQHD resolution (1440p).

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According to Lambda, the model can train models for AI at four times faster than Apple’s M1 Max devices, and up to ten times faster than Google Cloud services.


As expected, the new Tensorbook has a suggested base price of US$3,500, around R$16,400 in direct conversion. By not having model variants, the purchase options increase according to the warranty and support plans of the chosen software.

There is still no forecast of the device’s arrival in Brazil.