Microsoft Launcher: see features of the new version for Android

Published 24/02/2022 1:41 | Blog | comments

Microsoft Launcher, now part of the Redmond-based company’s new Android Microsoft Platform and Experiences (AMPX) division, received a Google Play Store update, on Tuesday (19). The update, which brought the app to version 6.220304.0.1041800, brings some interesting features, reinforcing the idea of ​​making the Android device faster and easier to use, as well as fixing some bugs.

One of the most useful features released by the update is the ability to pin the most used keywords to the top, to avoid the user having to type them each time in the search bar. To use the functionality, simply tap on a term in your search history and then tap on the “pin” button.

Improved Windows x Android integration

Another novelty that Microsoft Launcher brings is the option to customize the size of the search history, to be able to control how many applications and how many lines the user wants to see on the page. This is possible through enable footer plus/minus in section.

Also, it’s important to remember that by integrating Launcher into the AMPX division, Microsoft is putting the app alongside other products like Surface Duo OS, SwiftKey Keyboard, and Phone Link. In addition to indicating that these applications will have priorities in their development, the plan of the owner of Windows 11 seems to be a greater integration between PCs with its operating system and smartphones equipped with Android.