Mate XS 2: Huawei’s foldable phone will launch on April 28

Published 05/11/2021 18:53 | Blog | comments

The Chinese manufacturer Huawei has confirmed the presentation date of the company’s new folding smartphone. It is about huawei mate xs 2which will be officially presented to the public in 28th of April. The conference is planned for the Chinese market, which should be the first and main market sector for the model.

With just days to go before the event, there are few official details about the device. However, a teaser published by the brand and details leaked on local social networks by an expert bring some information.

The name Mate XS 2 indicates that it will be a direct and not so radical update on the previous model, the Mate XS, which in turn was an evolution of the kill xone of the first folding smartphones to be marketed.

Specifications of the new folding cell phone

The device is expected to come in three colors (black, gold and pink), with a new front camera in the form of a discreet hole in the screen. In addition, the rear photographic scheme will be composed of three sensors.

More angles and colors of the Huawei folding.More angles and colors of the Huawei folding.Source: XDA Developers

The main screen will be 8″ when open, OLED technology and 120Hz refresh rate. The expected processor is snapdragon 888 with 4G support, which suggests a slightly cheaper device or one that will have an even more powerful version in the future.

It is worth remembering that Huawei is in a difficult position in the mobile phone sector: the brand was once one of the market leaders, but the sanctions of the US government and the end of alliances with former allies led to the brand to act more and focus on other segments. .