App Store will remove old games and apps without updates

Published 06/03/2022 3:07 | Blog | comments

Apple has started notifying developers about a new Apple policy. app storethe official app store for your mobile devices.

Within 30 days, the company will remove apps and games from the catalog that “haven’t been updated in a significant amount of time,” about two years, according to some developers contacted by the company.

According to the notice, who downloaded or purchased the applications will not be changed and will not lose access to the program. In addition, those responsible for the apps that want to keep the creation on the platform must send a request within the next 30 days for the system to accept an update that makes corrections, improvements or modifications.

Developers who received the notification complained about the novelty, since many applications present in the catalog simply do not require updates as often; this is the case for games from other platforms that were simply ported or whose support ended, for example. In addition, there are several cases of simple and specific applications, or developers who do not have time to resume this project and leave the current tasks aside.

contacted by website the edge, Apple has not officially commented on the matter. THE App store support page is the largest information released by the company, citing “app re-evaluation” and “removal of apps that no longer work as promised, don’t follow current rules, or are outdated.”